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This section handles issues relating to the planning, design and construction of new golf courses. You will find summaries of guidance relating to the issues surrounding the development of new golf courses. You will also be able to download copies of any guidance you find useful, free of charge.

The development of new golf facilities in Scotland has been steady since the boom period of early 1980's to mid 1990's. This period saw the greatest number of new developments in golf's history in Scotland. Not since the development of the coastal links around resorts such as St Andrews, Troon, East Lothian, East Neuk of Fife, Prestwick and Montrose had we seen such a rapid increase in the number of courses.

Of course, the development of the 1980's and 90's was more diverse than that of the same period one hundred years earlier. With a hugely increased capacity to shift earth and landscape courses, the potential to transform unsuitable sites into golf courses was exploited. This resulted in courses being developed on agricultural land, flood plains, hillsides and even contaminated 'brownfield' sites. Development continued to take place in coastal dunes, lowland heathland and Historic Parklands as it had done in the past.

The period of growth, has also seen an increasing emphasis on environmental concern and protection. Increasing numbers of designations and legislation, covering ever- wider issues has led golf course development to be more closely scrutinised than ever before.

Most recently the application of new European Environmental Assessment Regulations to new golf course development has resulted in the need or developers to detail all environmental implications of their proposals.

We have researched and prepared guidance on a range of the environmental issues to affect golf course development. They are all available free of charge from this web site.

We hope they assist you in identifying what best practice is in terms of course development, and increase your understanding of the mutual benefits of taking an environmentally sound approach.





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