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Good communication is the most important element in the successful and effective management of golf courses. It is vital that committee members, greenstaff, members and even visitors have an understanding of what it is the club are trying to achieve, what their longer term aims and objectives are, what the shorter term actions are, who is responsible for specific issues, when actions are to be carried out, and how they will be resourced etc.

With regard to the environmental management of golf courses, there is a great deal of Greenkeeper knowledge which would be beneficial and interesting to members and visitors. Also it is important that greenstaff are part of the decision making team within the club. It is important that the club committee have consulted properly when forming an opinion on what and how the club should progress.

All of this requires good communication. For there to be good communication, clubs must have the correct structures in place. These structures must recognise the key people within and outwith the club for consultation, and cover the full range of relevant issues. For example a club managing a woodland golf course should ensure that all relevant people within the club are represented on a committee, which discusses woodland management at every meeting. This could be the greens committee, or perhaps a dedicated environment committee could be set up to look at such issues. It is important that the responsible committee liaises with outside experts and seeks advice relating to the issues facing them. This will help ensure their decisions are based on full information and are as informed as possible.





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