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Education & Training

Having well trained, motivated, professional staff, respected for their knowledge and skilled for the jobs they do should be the aim of all golf facilities. From general manager, course manager and club professional, across greenstaff and catering staff, every person within the golf facility has a role to play in furthering the facility’s environmental programme and performance while improving staff relations and job satisfaction. It is essential that golf facilities invest in the continuing professional development (CPD) and baseline education of staff.

SGEG staff are available for environmental training and presentations on a variety of environmental issues for clubs, training events, colleges, and external interested parties. Please contact us direct for more information.

The Scottish Golf Union is a member of The Greenkeepers Training Committee (the GTC), an independent body, dedicated to its objectives of improving and promoting the education and training of all greenkeepers. Greenkeeper training courses and Government approved qualifications including an apprenticeship scheme are available through a network of Greenkeepers Training Committee (GTC) Approved Centres and Providers. To view the most up to date information on all aspects of green keeper education, training and qualifications visit the GTC website.

The British and International Golf Greenkeepers Association Ltd (BIGGA) has a programme of Learning and Development on their website.

For education and training in wider golf facility management such as health and safety, business and financial skills, marketing, project management, staff management and fund-raising, there are seminars, workshops, short courses and more in depth training available at all levels through the Club Managers Association of Europe (CMAE) and the Golf Course Managers’ Association (GCMA).

In this section you can download a list of External Environmental Education Providers list look at the SGU Golf Education Calendar.

Awareness Raising and Communications

Communication and raising awareness of a club’s environmental programme is vital so that staff, members and visitors have an understanding of what it is the club are trying to achieve, the principles, proposals, reasoning and timing of operations, encouraging full participation and reducing the scope for conflict and misunderstandings.

The setting up of a dedicated Environment Team / Committee is a key stage in producing an environmental management plan. It is important that greenstaff are part of the decision making team within the club and that the club environment committee have consulted properly about how the club should progress. There is a great deal of environmental and course management knowledge and projects which would be beneficial and interesting to members and visitors and good communication will keep golfers aware of where, when and why certain course management operations are occurring.

Good relations outwith the club with local communities and neighbouring landowners will encourage social inclusion, integrating the club within the local area, perhaps encouraging new members. It is important that the club also liaises with outside technical experts and seeks professional advice relating to the issues facing them.
Clubs that reach a high standard in this area may be eligible for the Scottish Golf Environment Certificate for Education & Awareness.